How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : How to Shuffle Cards for Blackjack

We’re going to talk about the appropriate shuffle when it comes to dealing poker. We have your typical deck here. Once you have your deck, you split it in two as neatly as possible. You want to hold the deck very tightly in your hands and really neatly just cut it right in two. Go ahead and practice this cutting it right down the middle as neatly as you can.

So once you have the two about equal, you want to make sure that both stacks are about equal. Then you put them in your hand, with your index finger up at the top corner and put the bottom corner towards yourself. You’ll see it makes this little diamond shape here.

Once you have that little diamond shape, you have your pinkies on the outside, your index finger on the inside and you use your thumbs to pick up the cards. You want to deal as tightly as possible. We’ve said that once before.

I’m trying to do it a little bit slower, so you can see. Once again, I have my index fingers pushing down on the cards. My pinkie’s on the outside and my thumbs in the middle here.

I lift up with my thumb and I try to let as much air through as possible. You want it to be light, tight, crisp and neat. Once again, I’m going to take my thumbs and go through the cards. Once you have your cards together, you just push them together from the outside as a neat and tight deck. The faster you get at it, obviously the better.

You cut your deck, you shuffle and you put it together. The more practice you have, the better you’ll become at it. In a typical game of poker, you shuffle once, then you do what’s called a riffle. You take the cards from the bottom of the deck, a little bit, and then the top. Bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom, top, until you’re done all the way through the cards.

Again, the faster you get at that the better. You just go as fast as you can. Then you shuffle two more times. Once again, the basic thing to shuffle is you have your deck of cards. You split it in two as quickly and neatly as possible. You shuffle once, put the cards together and then you have the riffle.

After the riffle, you shuffle two more times. Then you cut the cards. You have your cut card on the bottom so nobody can see what the card on the bottom is. You take the top half of your deck, place it over the top card, put the bottom on top now. Hold it in your had like this and you’re ready to deal.